saturday 9


Bills, Bills, Bills

1) This song is about a cheating boyfriend. Unlike most songs, where the lover deceives by seeing another, this one squanders his girl's financial resources. She sings that he's ruined her credit. Do you know your credit score? I have a general idea

2) How often do you pay your bills? Do you handle them as they come in, or do you pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly? Or are you lucky enough to have someone else handle your bills? I try to pay them bi-weekly or when they come in

3) Destiny's Child had a hit with "Bills, Bills, Bills." This girl group got their start in Houston, TX. During the recent, bruising storm, lead singer Beyonce sent food, money and water to her home state. Have you spent much time in the Lone Star State? I've never been there

4) Beyonce is the breakout star of the group and went on to have a highly successful solo career. Can you think of another star who began his/her career as the member of a group? Justin Timberlake

5) "Bills, Bills, Bills" was performed a cappella by the kids on Glee. That Fox show ran for six seasons. Were you a fan?  Yes, although it jumped the shark

6) In 1999, when this song was on the charts, SpongeBob SquarePants premiered. The show remains popular among the younger set. Have you ever seen it? I've never watched an episode in its entirety

7) SpongeBob has become an industry, spawning movies, a Broadway musical, video games and both coloring and comic books. Once considered children's amusements, today coloring and comic books enjoy a following among adults. Have you recently enjoyed coloring or reading a comic book? I printed off some motivational coloring pages at school--does that count?

8) Also in 1999, Walmart expanded to the United Kingdom. Do you shop at Walmart? not very often, though it's the only retail choice in the area
9) Random question -- We've all met people who aren't exactly as they present themselves. Are you good at spotting a phony? I'm pretty keen at it


Lori said...

I am not terribly far from Texas, so I have been several times. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


Diana_CT said...

I haven't heard it "jumped the shark" used in a long time.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

If you ever go to Texas, by sure to see the blue bells and also Big Bend. Avoidance of the rest is best.
As a teacher, you must have a highly developed sense of the B-S factors, all of them..

Jumped the Shark did it? hahaha!

Stacy said...

"It jumped the shark?" I've never heard that. What does it mean?