blog every day 21

 21.  Who is someone you admire? Why?  I greatly admire President Jimmy Carter--his grace under pressure while in office is surpassed by his selflessness out of office.  He walks the talk.

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The Gal Herself said...

If you ever get to Key West, tour the Little Truman White House. It was Truman's Camp David, where he would escape and relax. It's been made available to every President and former President since. It's smallish (by Presidential standards) and few have taken advantage of it. JFK used it for a luncheon with the British Prime Minister before he went on to the Kennedy family home in Palm Springs and Macmillan went on to [I forgot!] and Bill and Hillary used it for a weekend getaway when she was in the Senate. But beyond that, it's a museum open to the public.

UNLESS Jimmy Carter wants it. He's invited his family to meet him down here on New Year's Eve at least twice (though not recently). They LOVE him down there. The staff lives to serve Presidents and (Henry and I have hung around after the tour and spoken to those who work there) there's a sense that the humble little building they so lovingly maintain isn't glam enough for most POTUSes.

I like to think Jimmy Carter is a fan because this is where Truman decided to integrate the Army. I don't know that's the reason, but it's a sense I get from Carter and from touring the House as many times as I have.

2 gators said...

I liked president Carter as well he was one of the better ones here is my 22 link