blog every day 18

18.  What are you proud of yourself for today?  Why?  I am proud of myself for reaching out for help.  When I got together with my friends (we were socially distanced and masked) last weekend, I told them about my struggles.  It felt so good to open up.  I also am returning to therapy to help me over this hump.  I think I found a good fit with this therapist.

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The Gal Herself said...

This is something to be proud of! It's something I've struggled with, too. But I've learned slowly that the late Elizabeth Edwards was right: our relationships are strengthened when we let our friends help us.

Your struggles make me realize how lucky I've been to find good therapists. The first one I chose out of the Yellow Pages (remember those?) and the second I picked because her office is near my el stop. Obviously the Lord was looking out for me!