the good kind of tired

 I stepped far outside my comfort zone today by learning to snowshoe.  One of my New Year goals is to "hate winter less" and so I'm going to try different strategies to that end.  With my stimulus money, I bought myself snow sneakers and snow pants--and eventually, I will get some snowshoes of my own.  My bestie is really into hiking and snowshoeing and had an extra pair of snowshoes to lend me.  I had so much fun.  It will take me a couple of tries to build up stamina and I'll never set a land speed record, but I was outside in winter and I didn't hate it.

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The Gal Herself said...

I love everything about this post! You're making peace with winter -- which isn't so bad when you think about Florida's hurricane season for California with its mudslides and wildfires -- and you're doing something active. And you stimulated the economy with your stimulus check! You are completely aces with me, Ms. Kwiz!