ten things tuesday

 Ten random things:

1) I have a substitute teacher today.  It's been a big disaster.  Even though I'm not in the building and not supposed to have to be doing school work, I'm putting out fires and doing school work.  This sucks.

2) I had my annual physical today (the reason I took the day off) and met my new physician.  He's going to be a very good fit for me, I felt totally comfortable with him.  He's much younger than I expected--not that that's a thing, but I noticed it.  He didn't scold me about weight issues.  We had a very frank conversation about my overall health (which is very good) and the relationship that yo-yo dieting would have on it.  I like that he didn't condescend to me or mansplain.

3) Dr. McFadgen gave me some materials about NAFLD.  I might be in the very early stages.

4) I get to start a new knitting project today.  

5) I finally got my list of 21 for 21 done.  My list of 21 goals for the year--not necessarily resolutions, but some habits I want to work on and some goals I want to meet.

6) My first-born nephew is turning 37 today.  I don't know how that is possible.  Math is fake--the numbers do not add up correctly.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

7) I think I have talked myself into going snowshoeing this afternoon--as soon as I finish this post.  I should take advantage of the sun being out.

8) There are 27 days until staycation.

9) I have been utilizing my local library's digital collection more and more.  Plus, I bought myself a membership to the Brooklyn Public Library and have been using their digital collection.  One of my goals for the year is to spend less on books and borrow more.  The membership to BPL was $50 and I would have spent that already on what I've borrowed.

10) The flowers I bought myself on Saturday look even better now than when I got them.  They make me so happy!


The Gal Herself said...

Such good news about you and your doctor! I love that you feel heard. An open exchange is so important.

I miss having flowers around me as I work. Unfortunately, my cats would view those simply as a salad bar.

Stacy said...

Finding a doctor you like and who actually respects you is HUGE! I just found a new one in 2019 and the difference between him and my old doctor has me questioning how I ever thought my old one was a good one.

Ha! I love your math. :)

I have never been snowshoeing. I think it would be fun...and I wouldn't have to be quite as graceful as on skis.