I am...

Listening to:  nothing

Loving:  chicken pad thai made by a local chef--it was delicious!

Thinking:  about how long we'll be in person at school

Feeling:  tuckered out in a satisfied way

Celebrating:  one of my gender-fluid students came to talk to me after school to thank me for accepting him as he is--he said he loves coming to class because he feels like he's seen.  I was touched.  It meant so much that he would tell me.

Grateful for:  a profession that makes a difference

Weather: it is 23° and dreary

Enjoying:  some quiet time

A quote I want to share:

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Me, Myself, and I said...

That a gender-fluid student would come to you...says much. So glad you are there for all your students...they are so privileged to have you!