ten things tuesday

 Ten random things:

1) I am making Christmas Crack.  This four-ingredient recipe is suuuuuper simple!  And using the microwave directions made it less messy.

2) I finally blocked the blanket I knit for my bestie for Christmas.  I'm really pleased with the results.  Not the best lighting but you get the idea.  It's the size of my double bed.

3) And I shipped off my Christmas package to my Virginia sister!  I was waiting for one last item to arrive and it finally did yesterday.

4) My eldest Virginia niece is going to give me a tarot reading soon, to kick off the new year.  She's very intuitive.

5) This afternoon, I exchanged gifts with a teacher friend.  It was nice to see her even if it was a quick visit.

6) I get to choose a new audiobook to listen to!!!  I love when I get to choose new books.

7) I need to pick up a Thank You card--a friend gave me a gift card as a get-well gift.  It was so thoughtful and generous!

8) I don't have any plans for New Year's Eve.  Usually, I get together with my bestie for a night of cooking or Chinese food and movies.  Not this year.  

9) I really need to hook up my DVD player so I can watch When Harry Met Sally.  It's my New Year tradition!

10) I wonder if we'll be heading back to school in person on January 4th or if we'll be remote.  I have seen a lot of pictures of family gatherings.  And Covid cases are on the rise.  I wish they would decide sooner rather than later.


Stacy said...

The blanket is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job!

The Gal Herself said...

Christmas Crack! I love the name. And I like a recipe that includes saltines. :)

Paula said...

I tried that Christmas crack recipe last year but I think I did something wrong as it just didn't turn out.