ten things tuesday

 Ten random things in random order:

1) This song is wonderful.

2)  I had my post-op appointment today and everything is healing nicely--no sign of infection, sutures are looking good.  No worries.

3)  I stopped by my parents' after, for a quick visit.  We mutually decided to not spend Christmas together this year.  I'm sad but this is safer.

4)  It is VACATION!  I definitely need a big fat break from reality.

5)  I need to finish Christmas wrapping.  "Finish" is the wrong word--start is more accurate.

6)  I have a couple of little things to pick up, too.

7)  Hmmm... I am restricted to lifting nothing heavier than 8-10 pounds, I will have to make multiple trips to bring in groceries.  Not my favorite, I usually carry one major load.

8)  I don't know what to prepare for a holiday meal.  I might just make another chicken pot pie.

9)  I need to renew my AAA membership as well as my AARP membership.

10)  Perhaps a nap is in order since I'm on vacation and healing.

1 comment:

Stacy said...

Get on that wrapping! I can officially call you a "slacker" since I got nearly all of my gift wrapping done yesterday. It is literally what I did most of the day. I bought some bags today to finish up the pet treats and a couple of odd shaped things. It's been years since I've been done wrapping ahead of time.