lots to think about

 Today was ultrasound and surgical consultation day!  There is much to process and to think about.  Here's the gist:
  • there is a "good sized" gall stone
  • gallbladder removal surgery is Wednesday the 16th
  • the surgeon is also going to biopsy a bit of the liver because the ultrasound indicates that there is a moderate amount of cirrhosis (he very thoroughly described what that means)
  • Covid testing is Sunday the 13th
  • it will be day surgery
  • I will not be able to drive for at least a week
  • I am not discussing the cirrhosis with my family until I have more information
  • I have had multiple offers to help and I'm going to take people up on them


Lori said...

Chicken and noodles were my friend for those first couple of days. My husband helped me out of bed the first day, but I was good to be alone the second day. Has anyone told you about the pillow? Have a small pillow handy to put over your tummy area when you are getting up. It sounds crazy and even painful, but it worked. I may not have used it the first day, but I sure did the next several. I also had gall stones and I had complications, so one of my incisions was bigger that it should have been and I also had to have a stent. I pray you have no complications, but it happens and it is all worth it. Just remember that. You are going to feel so much better. I am able to eat foods I wasn't able to eat in years. I got up every so often to walk just to stay loose too. It helps. Rest and let yourself heal. Prayers for you my friend!

Me, Myself, and I said...

Sending good vibes your way...I'm so glad you're having it done, and even more glad you're taking folks up on their offers. I'm terrible at asking for help and always wish I had. Take care!❤

The Gal Herself said...

Wow! Day surgery? Really? That's amazing! You'll be better at home, of course, but it just surprises me that you can leave the hospital same day after losing "a good sized" stone and your gall bladder.

It sounds like you like/trust your doctor, and that is sooooo important!

I get it about not telling your family the whole story yet. Today I just told my cousin, my niece and nephew about my old friend covid.

Two Beatle references, two posts. :)