I am...

Reading:  The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women

Listening to:  the Christmas Cheer playlist I put together on Spotify 

Loving:  the lazy days of vacation

Thinking:  I really need a haircut and a perm

Feeling:  much, much better and stronger than a week ago

Celebrating:  a little victory--I got a sale email from a favorite store and didn't shop online!

Grateful for:  audiobooks and love of reading

Weather: it is 30° and dreary

Enjoying:   ginger ale--I get so tired of plain water 

A quote I want to share:


The Gal Herself said...

Oh, Kwiz! Sometimes you and I just soooo track! I'm getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow; I'm feeling much, much better and stronger than a week ago; I am so DONE with the ice water I've been swilling that I could cry whenever I look at my big, blue insulated bottle.

Stacy said...

Hooray! I'm glad you are feeling better and enjoying your vacation. Good for you on resisting online shopping...I've been doing a LOT of it lately. I think I'm done for now, though.