I am...

Reading:  All Is Calm: A Maine Christmas Reader which was edited by a former student!

Loving:  holiday playlists I've made on Spotify

Thinking:  about my post-op appointment with the surgeon, I'm anxious to get the results

Feeling:  I'm in considerable pain today, but I know it's the healing process

Celebrating:  I might be getting the hang of mitten knitting, I found a super simple pattern and they knit up quickly

Grateful for:  time to heal

Weather: it is 34° and dreary

Enjoying:   my bestie has been delivering iced coffee to me--she's the best!

A quote I want to share:


Me, Myself, and I said...

Take good care, dear Allison. Everything makes light of laparoscopic surgery, but its still surgery. Healing vibes coming at ya' 💗

Stacy said...

Good thought...and I'm glad you are taking that advice. You need to rest and allow yourself to heal.