ten things tuesday

1) How can you share your gratitude with others? by offering my appreciation for people in my life

2) A fear or worry you would like to let go of. I'm worried that going back to school will make me sick.

3) Three triumphs for today.  1) my gratitude activity was a success with my AP Psych class (we're studying the Pollyanna Principle) 2) my private detective activity was a success with my AP US History class (they are gathering intel to create dossiers for Loyalists and Patriots of the American Revolution 3) 

4) How do you remember Thanksgiving as a kid? I remember I was always stuck at the kids table

5) Describe your current emotional state. General unease and anxiety with a slice of depression and loneliness 

6) The last thing that made you laugh out loud. the Zoom class I had with my students--talking about being in person tomorrow

7) Five things you currently see, hear, can touch. 1) all the tabs across the top of my browser 2) the pile of knitted goodies I'll be gifting 3) the radiator expelling heat 4) the constant ringing in my ears and 5) my flushed cheeks from drinking a hot tea

8) Something that you miss. going where I want when I want

9) Goals you would like to accomplish before the end of the year. I really want to finish the gift blanket I'm working on--I'm tired of working on it

10) What has brought you & your family closer? because we can't physically be together, we're staying in closer contact with family emails and a sister group chat--daily!

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Me, Myself, and I said...

Current emotional state...right there with you. Not lonely, but overwhelmed.