saturday 9


For All We Know

1) This song is about newlyweds looking ahead to a happy life together. What are you looking forward to today? my Breakfast Club gathering

2) They look forward to getting to know one another better. Tell us about someone who knows you well. Is it the person who has known you the longest? outside of my family, my bestie knows me well--we've been friends since high school around 1983 but got to be really good friends in college.  Lives took us to different places and spaces but we've always picked up where we left off and when she moved back to the area we've been each other's support system

3) The song lyrics are credited to "Robb Wilson" and "Arthur James," but those aren't their real names. Robb Royer and Jimmy Griffin were founding members of the 70s soft-rock group Bread. Are you familiar with that band? If so, do you have a favorite Bread song? (Find their greatest hits here.) Any Way You Want Me

4) Richard Carpenter discovered this song on his afternoon off when he and sister Karen were on tour. He took a few hours to unwind at the movies, heard this song in the film Lovers and Other Strangers, and decided it would make a perfect Carpenters record. How do you like to unwind? noodling around on the internet, reading, knitting, going for a drive

5) Karen Carpenter drank unsweetened iced tea, every day, all year long. Do you prefer your tea hot or cold? I like hot tea--I'm like Karen in that I drink iced coffee regardless of the temperature

6) Elvis was a fan of Karen's and, according to the recollection of singer Petula Clark, hit on her when she and Clark visited him backstage in Vegas. Pet recalled Karen was very innocent and said, "I felt responsible for her so I got her out of there." Tell us about a time when you looked out for a friend.  I've looked out for countless friends--especially in our young and carefree years of drinking and partying

7) President Richard Nixon was a Carpenters fan, too, and invited the duo to perform at the White House at an official dinner for West German Chancellor Willy Brandt. If you could hear anyone perform live in an intimate setting, like a dinner party, who would you choose? Lady Gaga

8) Today Richard collects classic automobiles. He has a 1964 Ford Thunderbird, like the one Beach Boys sang about in the song "Fun, Fun, Fun." Can you think of another song that mentions a car? Greased Lightning   I have no idea why this is the first thing that popped into my head

9) Random question: Do you tend to feel more content at the beginning of the day, or at the end? oh--what a good question!  I will go with the end of the day


The Gal Herself said...

I think Lady Gaga would be TERRIFIC in a small room. She's so versatile and unpredictable.

I wasn't sure if #9 was

Stacy said...

I love that you have your breakfast club friends to get together with. Good friends are so important in this nutty world.

Lori said...

Have a great time with your breakfast Club friends! Loved your answers. Have a nice weekend.


CountryDew said...

I have never heard that Bread song. I like it.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I would love to see Lady Gaga in a smaller venue. She has an amazing talent. I've seen a few of the her Docs, and she has a very tender heart.
Knitting has gotten stressful so I put it away for awhile. I've just watched too much hero worship going down in front of feet of clay. My soul is shaking, let alone my hands.

songbird's crazy world said...

Gaga would be interesting in any venue