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 I don't even know where to start--this book was so much fun!  I loved all the characters, somehow they jumped off the page and I felt like I know them all.  I could relate to Alice's insecurities and how she uses work to compensate.  I could relate to Alice's friends who are frustrated with her using work as an excuse.  It was so funny, I actually laughed out loud a couple of times.  

From the publisher:
Meet Alice Thrift, surgical intern in a Boston hospital, high of I.Q. but low in social graces. She doesn’t mean to be acerbic, clinical, or blunt, but where was she the day they taught Bedside Manner 101? Into Alice’s workaholic and wallflower life comes Ray Russo, a slick traveling fudge salesman in search of a nose job and well-heeled companionship, but not necessarily in that order. Is he a conman or a sincere suitor? Good guy or bad? Alice’s parents, roommate, and best friend Sylvie are appalled at her choice of mate. Despite her doubts, Alice finds herself walking down the aisle, not so much won over as worn down. Will their marriage last the honeymoon? Only if Alice’s best instincts can triumph over Ray’s unsavory ways.

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The Gal Herself said...

Everything about this looks like fun.