I am...

Reading:  am going to finish The Glass Room tonight!

Listening to:  Tinsel & Tunes

Loving:  the feeling of being organized, it helps with the anxiety of teaching remotely

Thinking:  about how I can turn a couple of lesson plans that were ready to go this week into virtual assignments--it's such a challenge to be remote again

Feeling:  motivated and ready to tackle the challenges that remote teaching present

Celebrating:  I did not engage with a troll on Facebook, even though they baited me

Grateful for:  hobbies that take me to a happy place

Weather: it is 52° and sunny

Enjoying:  this glorious weather!

A quote I want to share:

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Stacy said...

Tinsel and Tunes? Are you listening to Christmas music already? Yay!
Good for you not engaging with the troll. I always hate myself when I get sucked in to it.