the friday 56

  The Friday 56

Rules: *Grab a book, any book. 

*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader (If you have to improvise, that's ok.) 

*Find any sentence, (or few, just don't spoil it) 

*Post it. 

I am just starting The Late Bloomers' Club.

From page 56:

"Wasn't here for dinner, though I'll have to take some of that to go.  The missus will be happy." Walt pulled a folded piece of notebook paper out of his jacket pocket. "Mary wanted me to ask about our great-granddaughter's first birthday cake."

I looked at him blankly. "I'm  not sure what you mean."

Walt unfolded the paper.  "Mary ordered a cake for Masie's birthday from Peggy.  We figured since you inherited Peggy's estate, then yo u must be taking over her business."

I had never really thought of Peggy baking cakes as a business before.  I thought it was just Peggy being... Peggy the cake lady.  The woman who likes to bake cakes.  But of course I knew that she charged for the cakes.  And I didn't remember her ever having another job.  It suddenly struck me how easy it is to think you know a person without really knowing them at all.

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fredamans said...

Sounds delightful! Happy weekend!