ten things tuesday

1) How does Fall make you feel? Fall is my favorite nature season--due to the crispness of the temperatures when you can wear layers but aren't freezing cold.  I love that cozy feeling, especially since the sun is warm.

2) What are your top 3 current priorities? 1) finish the Christmas blanket I'm knitting, 2) sort out my car repairs, 3) think of something special to do for my birthday

3) Make a pre-Thanksgiving to-do list. 

4) Are you superstitious? no, but I like superstitious rituals such as knocking on wood

5) What are your favorite things about autumn? the colors, the scents, and the temperatures

6) Create an autumn bucket list. Hmmm--I would like to watch some Halloween movies (The Great Pumpkin, Hocus Pocus, etc) and maybe go on a walk in the park

7) How do you teach or explain the negative things in life to your children? I don't have my own children but my students need to be told, gently, that there are awful things that happen in life.  I tell them that however unpleasant a situation is, they will get through it.

8) What is your last small accomplishment? getting caught up on lesson planning (and yes, I do enjoy lesson planning for the most part)

9) Do you buy or hand make Halloween costumes? hand make

10) What are you currently reading? Do you like it? Iron Lake, the first of the Cork O'Connor series by William Kent Krueger and I really like it!

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The Gal Herself said...

Thanksgiving. I wonder if I get a Thanksgiving this year. Sigh ...