ten things tuesday

 Ten “J” things.

1. Someone I love: two of my dear high school friends Julie M. and Joe A.

2. Something I like to eat: jello (red--any flavor as long as it's red)

3. A color:  jade

4. A good movie: Jaws

5. A place I’ve been: Jamaica

6. A thing I really don’t like: jerky behavior

7. A critter I like: jaguar

8. Something I can do: justify my sloth-like nature

9. Something I can’t/don’t do: juggle objects

10. Something I wish for:

1 comment:

Stacy said...

Jello, huh? I always associate jello with being sick or in the hospital. lol
Anyway, you asked about the boots I posted the picture of yesterday...I found them at Woman Within (womanwithin.com) They were 50% off when I got them but if you sign up for their emails they are always having tons of different sales. I find a lot of my clothes through them.