ten things tuesday

 I am...

Reading:  I'm just about to start How Not to Die Alone

Listening to:  Seth MacFarlane's new album "Great Songs From Stage and Screen"

Loving:  Schitt's Creek

Thinking:  I'm not really thinking about anything

Feeling:  it's time for lunch--I'm feeling a little peckish

Celebrating:  I need to think of what I want to do to celebrate my birthday this month!

Grateful for:  living in the moment

Weather: it is 57° and partly cloudy

Enjoying:  I've been working on a decluttering project and I'm enjoying the results!

A quote I want to share:

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The Gal Herself said...

I should start on Schitt's Creek. Everyone I know who's seen it loves it, and it really cleaned up at the Emmys.