saturday 9


Vision of Love
1) The lyrics refer to "sweet destiny." Do you believe in destiny? Not necessarily.

2) This week's artist, Mariah Carey, has something to fall back on. She studied cosmetology and worked as a hair sweeper in a salon. When you get your hair cut, do you socialize with the stylist? I have been going to my stylist since 1991--she is my friend and confidante.
3) She isn't likely to turn to cosmetology any time soon. Mariah is currently on the best seller list with her autobiography, The Meaning of Mariah Carey. Was the last book you finished fiction or non-fiction? just last night I finished Something To Live For

4) So far, more than 800 people have reviewed Mariah's book on Amazon. Do you review products/services online? sometimes, yes

5) When she was a high school student, she was nicknamed "Mirage" because she skipped class so often. Did you ever play hooky? the only time I ever skipped my typing class (to work on the set of the drama club's production), I got caught and suffered the wrath of Dad who was not only a teacher at the school but the drama director

6) Mariah doesn't apologize for spoiling her dogs, who have been known to travel by limo. Do you know anyone who treats their pets like people? my parents always pamper their dogs

7) In 1990, the year this song was popular, Martina Navratilova won the Wimbledon Women's Singles Tournament. How's your tennis game? I used to be quite good up until my mid-20s

8) Also in 1990, Pope John Paul II toured Mexico. Have you ever visited our neighbor south of the border? I had an overnighter in Mexico if that counts

9) Random question(s): There are Gofundme campaigns for many purposes. Have you ever solicited funds online? Would you? I have not and I don't think I would

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Diana_CT said...

I thin you're the only Saturday 9er who played tennis.