blog daily 23

 23.  Describe your appearance in great detail.  Today I am wearing a pair of distressed jeans.  They are comfortable, straight leg jeans.  My top is a jersey knit with a chiffon accent piece at the neckline.  The three-quarter sleeves have tie back tabs of the chiffon accent material.  It's a navy blue top.  I am barefoot and you can see that I desperately need a pedicure--or at least to remove the old polish.  My hair is fluffy today--in loose curls in a shoulder-grazing cut.  I used to be an obvious redhead but now my strawberry blonde is fading to almost beige color.  I have thin, fine hair that is exceptionally soft.  My glasses have bronze frames and there is a slight thumb smudge on the upper right corner of the lens that I'm too lackadaisical to swipe off.   I need to moisturize my hands--they are dried out from my obsessive use of hand sanitizer.

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The Gal Herself said...

I never wear rings or a watch anymore because of hand sanitizer. I wonder if, when this is behind us, I'll go back to wearing them.