three on thursday

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Thing one: This is my last day of school this week because immediately after school I'm picking my parents up for a trip to central Maine so Dad can have a medical procedure.  That's not to mention preparing for the substitute.  That's a whole other ball of wax.

Thing two:  I haven't been anywhere in so long, it felt foreign to pack.

Thing three:  I'm trying not to stress about Dad having a procedure.  He is confident after talking at length with the surgeon but still... he's my dad.  I worry.


Bonny said...

Sending good wishes for your dad during his procedure along with a quick recovery. I'm sorry that when you finally go someplace, it has to be a hospital!

Stacy said...

Praying for your dad and the doctor, that all goes well.

The Gal Herself said...

I'm with you in my heart, Kwiz.