ten things tuesday

   From Eight Pepperberries:

1) Your vision for the rest of the year: it's been a hella year--so my vision is that I make it through to the end without any major losses or catastrophes.

2) One thing you'd like to do more. socialize

3) What's one thing you can do this week to take care of yourself? I can make sure I use my pneumatic pump even though it has made my legs hurt this week--restless leg syndrome has been unmerciful

4) What is something you accomplished this year that you're proud of? I have embraced my word of the year--and truly tried to EVOLVE

5)  Quote that reflects your current mood.  "There is no tired like back to school teacher tired."

6) What was your biggest victory yesterday? my students told me that our class flies by and it felt like they just sat down and it's over

7) If you had $10,000 you would... pay off my car

8) What is something you appreciate in your life? the internet!

9) What song is your current favorite? Bad by U2

10) One behavior you need to let go of.  ignoring clutter

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The Gal Herself said...

This is the post of a woman who has EVOLVED into a good place. Good for you!