ten things tuesday

 From Eight Pepperberries:

1) Who do you admire? What makes them worth your admiration? My dad was a teacher for 35+ years.  He taught 5th grade for ten years (I think) then moved to the high school level where he taught mostly sophomores for English.  He was beloved by his students.

2) Describe the best sunset you've seen. I've seen some pretty spectacular sunsets, I can't choose just one.  A recent one that stands out is when my bestie and I were visiting our lifelong friend at her summer home on Chebeague Island and we were walking the beach at sunset, talking and laughing as old friends do.

3) What is weighing on your heart? changes at school that will prevent me from fostering connections with a lot of students that are not in my classes this year--there will be so little opportunity to catch up and visit

4) What's "on your list" right now? just a bunch of school-related stuff--plus I HAVE to do laundry, it's almost at a critical state! (Yet I sit here with my feet up)

5) What do you want to undo? hmmm.  I wasn't gracious about doing a favor today.

6) Draw the exterior of your dream home. uh... I don't want to be a homeowner

7) What did you want to be when you "grew up"? all I ever wanted was to be happy

8) A simple pleasure. I let myself have one glass of soda per day--and Polar Orange Dry is just so darn yummy!

9) Your first memory of school. I remember my bus driver called my "Kitten" and he was very, very kind to me.

10) Describe your closest friend. My bestie is selfless and constantly busy.  She doesn't know how to sit still--we're complimentary that way as I am usually still.  She is passionate about literacy in education and is a creative, dynamic teacher.  She gets me.  We love reading.  We love adventures.

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The Gal Herself said...

I found your answer to #7 interesting. You're such a dedicated teacher today that I always kinda imagined you as a little girl, heading a classroom of Barbies or plush toys.