saturday 9

Buttered Popcorn

1) This Saturday, the treat's on Sam. Will you have buttered popcorn, caramel corn or cheese popcorn? oh--I like them equally

2) This record represents the Supremes as they are seldom heard. Florence Ballard is singing lead, with background vocals provided by Mary Wilson, Barbara Martin and Diane Ross. That's right, "Diane." Her parents meant for her to be named "Diane," and that's what old friends and family still call her, but the hospital mistakenly put her name down as "Diana." Motown execs thought "Diana Ross" had a better sound and the rest, as they say, is history. Do you often make typos? Or are you careful and precise at the keyboard? I'm not as good a typist as I used to be, I'm not sure why since I type daily

3) Barbara Martin left the Supremes in 1962, before they reached stardom, because she was a new mom and wanted to stay home with her baby. Have you ever found yourself in the difficult position of having to choose between your personal and professional lives? yes--as a teacher we are expected to be above reproach and when I first started teaching I stopped smoking and drinking because I didn't want any gossip about my personal habits

4) Florence Ballard's cousin, Hank, wrote the famous Chubby Checkers dance record, "The Twist." When did you last get on your feet and dance? I shook my groove thing Friday afternoon after my students left and I was putting up some wall decorations in my classroom

5) Mary Wilson stayed with the group until it disbanded in 1977. She has said that one of her most memorable moments came in 1968, when the group performed for Princess Margaret. Mary recalled that the Princess loudly asked if Mary's hair was real or a wig. Mary was shocked, expecting better behavior from a royal. Tell us a time when someone's behavior shocked you. I was shocked when the new principal shouted at some students--I hate shouting and he was very aggressive

6) In 1961, when this song was released, the TV show Hazel premiered and was a top 5 hit for NBC. Oscar winner Shirley Booth played the title character, a very capable and lovable maid. If Crazy Sam could have a maid for just a few hours today, she'd love to have her refrigerator cleaned and kitchen cabinets organized. If you could have a pair of helping hands around your house this afternoon, what would you ask the maid to do? YES PLEASE!!!  Please vacuum and also take the rest of the boxes out to the recycling bin.

7) Also in 1961, President John F. Kennedy appeared on the cover of Time as their Man of the Year. Are there any magazines in your home right now? If so, who is on the cover? I have a cooking magazine and an older Oprah that I haven't read yet

8) Ernest Hemingway died in 1961. Have you read any of his works? I have read most of the fiction and two of the non-fiction

9) Random question: How many pancakes are in the perfect stack? 2 if they're on the larger size or 3 if they're on the smaller size (I prefer smaller pancakes)


The Gal Herself said...

So teaching has lengthened your life.

CountryDew said...

Those were good habits to quit anyway!

Diana_CT said...

#3 I know what you mean. My father was a high school principal and he was an Army Colonel in WWII.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I think that keyboards on the computer have spoiled us, the ergonomic ones especially. I have no IDEA how to type on the laptop for-instance, and have to take my E-board with me on vacation.
I like little bitty pancakes the best, too..... and "Shaking" your groove thing sounds like fun. It's time to start dancing again! Olé. 💃

Stacy said...

It's surprising to me that the principal yelled at the kids...at least in this day and age. Back when we were growing up that wasn't that unusual from teachers.