happy day 6

Today was a lovely day.   Weather-wise a bit on the cool side at 72° but sunny and really pleasant.  I love my super simple outfit of jean shorts and a black sleeveless t-shirt with crochet hem.  It's a good hair day.  Working at school was productive.  An overall happy day. 😊


  1. I'm jealous of how much you enjoy your wardrobe! I'm trying to find a decent outfit to wear to my niece's autumn wedding, and I'm not LOVING anything. The color isn't right, or it looks too old lady, or it will show off my fat ass ...

    Glad you got to enjoy good hair. That can make all the difference to your outlook.

  2. The weather here has been lovely, too. And there is nothing to boost the mood like a good hair day! I had one of those today, as well.

  3. I'm happy to be dining in my favorite restaurant tonight after 6 months!! #FuckCOVID