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ReadingThe Long Call by Ann Cleeves

Listening to:  the fan

Loving: two former students have gotten in touch with me this past week for book recommendations--this makes me happy on so many levels

Thinking:  I watched a video that explains a lot of the new protocols for the school year and I'm thinking about how it's like having a new job since everything about it is changing (including where I enter the building)

Feeling:  anticipation--not nerves or anxiety

Celebrating:  I've started removing the boxes from my kitchen.  I hoard boxes.  I really, really want to be able to use my kitchen table for eating and working purposes, so the boxes have GOT TO GO!  I'm forcing myself to take one load out every time I leave.  So much anxiety about it.

Grateful for: I'm really grateful that I will be able to take my parents to a procedure consultation in Central Maine this week--that I am not in school yet and can do the driving for them.  I hope they can schedule the procedure for my school break at the end of September.

Weather: it is 82° with a real feel of 86° and humid

Enjoying:  I used my pneumatic pump yesterday and today and can already see a difference in the puffiness of my legs from lymphedema in this heat/humidity.  I need to be vigilant and diligent and do this daily!

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The Gal Herself said...

"We're going caring." Aw.... That is such a lovely sentiment. (Especially from a woman who enjoys road trips as much as you do!)