three on thursday

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Thing one: I made a mistake today by engaging with a keyboard warrior.  I didn't mean to.

Thing two: My sleep schedule is all messed up again.  Fortunately, being on vacation means I don't *have* to get up in the morning at a certain time.

Thing three:

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  1. I am happier since I have begun using my "block" option on Facebook. When I feel myself wanting to engage with a stranger, I say, "No, just block 'em." POOF! They cease to exist!

    We have three days of mandatory 2-hour lunchtime workshops next week about racism in our work and workplace. At first I was pissed because, frankly, I like my lunch hours. But I learned something about the social impact of my work at our Juneteenth cyber symposium. So I need your little bunny to remind me. I can still learn more, I can still do more, and maybe (just maybe) helping make the world a better place is more important than going for a walk at lunchtime. :)