ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) No plan yet for starting the school year.  I'm relieved that the school board and superintendent are taking their time to thoughtfully explore all the ramifications of options.

2) I'm going to attend a virtual conference for teaching AP Psychology tomorrow.  It looks interesting!  And the sponsors are experts in the field that always have helpful hints and tips for best practices.

3) Today it is a perfect summer day--79° and sunny with a slight breeze and lower humidity.  Ahhhhh.

4) I get to select a new book to read!  I've been plowing through my summer reading list.

5) I had a manicure today.  A vivid coral.  #OPI #WeSeafoodAndEatIt

6) I finally was able to download my student rosters for my classes.  I need to meet with my students soon/in early August to get them prepared for the school year with their summer assignments.

7) My local library has an online magazine service.  I'm going to check it out because it might just save me some magazine money!

8) Does reading a cookbook count in my total books read?  I think it does.  It was an excellent cookbook about cooking for one.

9) I got maybe 4  hours of sleep last night but even that wasn't consecutive.  It's ridiculous.  I need to take a sleep aid tonight.  Stupid menopause!

10) I canceled Disney +.  I think I've watched Hamilton 7 times.  😍

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The Gal Herself said...

I have to remember to cancel Disney +. Seen Hamilton (only twice). Seen Mary Poppins and Sleeping Beauty. I can move on.

I'm glad that your school system is being careful with the kids ... teachers ... support staff. I hate how some on the right have demonized science and put everyone at risk!

Have you tried Valerian at night?