ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) I attended a community gathering last evening to discuss the book White Fragility and our experiences as white people who are trying to recognize bias and change our behavior.  Small but enthusiastic group.  I'm glad I went although I felt socially awkward since I haven't been to a gathering of any size in months.  I just felt weird.  Not the content but the physical act of gathering.

2) I asked my new principal if I could teach fewer classes (I have five different contents) and he said no.  I'm mad.  So not only do I have two different Advanced Placement courses, I have three other courses.  Ugh.  I know I'll capitulate, but for now, I want to be mad.

3) I linked my little Alexa device to SiriusXM radio and have been enjoying my favorite stations at home.  And listening to the U2 channel (#32) reminds me why they are my favorite band.

4) Last week I decided I did not like a couple knitting projects that I was struggling to muster the enthusiasm to knit.  Since I frogged* them I got my mojo back!

5) I also started an audiobook over the weekend and I love the storytelling.  The narration is great.  

6) I took about a week off from my lymphedema treatment at home and I regret it.  A good reminder of why I need to be vigilant--my ankles are puffed.  But I used my lymphatic pump and have my garment on today.  Feels good.

7) I'm getting my car detailed tomorrow.  It's been my car for 4 years and I haven't had it deep cleaned.  I mean, I don't eat in it and it's not messy--but a deep cleaning of all those crevices will be luxurious.  And getting the inside windshield guch out will be great.

8)  I had a manicure.  Oh, how I love pampering myself.  #Flashbulb_Fuchsia 

9) I'm glad I was fiddley-farting around today so I could enjoy what a perfect day it is.  78° sunny, just a hint of humidity, light breeze.

10) Not to be a Debbie Downer, but these are my concerns.

*"frogging knitting" means ripping out your stitches when you've made a mistake. It gets its name from "rip it, rip it" (like "ribbit, ribbit" — get it?).

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The Gal Herself said...

Love that nail color!

Sorry they're taking advantage of you being a good soldier at work.

I just now (8:45 PM) got an email from our Mr. Man about returning to work next week. Only 25% can come in (Illinois Phase One) and he says, in bold, "Importantly, if you are not comfortable returning to the office when it opens, you are not required to do so." If my temperature is 100.3ยบ or higher, I'm not allowed into the office. I realize I'm lucky that I work for a corporation that is being so careful about our safety. The more cynical among us maintain it's because we're part of a multi-national organization with very deep pockets and so is afraid of being sued. I don't care about the motivation. I'm just happy about the result.

Your concern about your lymphedema treatment reminds me of my slightly achy thighs. I really need to go back chiropractor!

And I notice you changed out your George pic. I like dreamy George.