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Questions for readers

Pick a book you have read and answer the following questions: 

1.  Why did you pick the book?  it was recommended by a blogger I follow
2.  What did you think about the book?  I loved it
3.  What do you know about the author? this is a debut novel
4.  What’s the most memorable scene?  the satisfying ending
5.  How did the book make you feel? thoughtful--it takes on issues of size
6.  How do you feel about the way the story was told? it's told through a variety of means--texts, blog posts, online celebrity news sites, message boards and I liked it because it's contemporary
7.  Which parts of the book stood out to you? some of the scenes when Bea realizes she's in her own way
8.  Which specific parts of the protagonist can you relate to? she's a fashionable plus-size single woman
9.  Which character did you relate to the most? Bea
10. Share a line or passage from the book.
“Everyone wanted so many things from her - to believe in herself & to see her own true beauty, but not to be conceited, to know her place. Be more than your looks, but never speak out of turn. Don't be defined by love, but remember, you're nothing without it. Be a princess. Find you price. You dont meed a man to complete you. Stand on your own two feet.”
― Kate Stayman-London, One to Watch
11. What did you think about the ending? it satisfied me
12. Is the story plot driven or character driven? I'd say plot-driven
13. If the book was made into a movie, what changes or decisions would you hope for? I wouldn't want it made into a movie since it's about reality tv and I can watch that on my own
14. How did the book change you? it didn't
15. If the book is part of a series, how does it stand on its own
? it's not part of a series


Su-sieee! Mac said...

Being a plus-size woman, I'm hooked. I also like the idea of the author developing her story through various formats.

Lori said...

I had seen on Goodreads that you read this, but it reminded me of Big Summer. Maybe I should read it. Great review! Loved your answers! Have a nice Sunday!


LA Paylor said...

how interesting...

Bev Sykes said...

Sounds like an interesting book (I too am interested as a plus size woman!) Writing a story using -texts, blog posts, online celebrity news sites, message boards may be a new way of writing. I saw a movie called "The Search" which was put together the same way.