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Reading: I've got three audio library books to choose from!  Summer Hours at the Robbers Library, Sourdough, and Strike Me Down

Listening to:  Sirius XM  U2 radio station

Loving: Spending some time at school today--getting papers organized for my students to pick up and I had some (safe distance) visitors

Thinking:  about what the school year will be like--I think I have a rough idea

Feeling: relieved a little

Celebrating: this is a small victory--but I am wearing my compression garments (full pantyhose-style) in this heat.  I'm uncomfortable but I have to do it.  This is the weather that makes my lymphedema flare.

Grateful for:  that my speaking up paid off!  I will only have to teach 4 courses next year instead of 5!  And the custodians will repaint my room.

Weather: it is 84° with a real feel of 89 and humid--high dewpoint

Enjoying:  I got a new phone case of a Van Gogh summer scene and I'm in love with it!  Wheat Field With Cypresses

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The Gal Herself said...

Celebrate that small victory! I can just imagine how hard-won it was.