Today I filled out my Advance Directive Forms.  I downloaded them last October, right around my birthday when I first started getting information about my cemetery plot.  But I didn't finish the papers.  Thinking about heading back to school, I think it's imperative that I have the documents.  And that my family knows my wishes.  I chose my health care proxy/power of attorney candidates.  I checked and double-checked with them to make sure they are comfortable with it.  They are. 

None of this is done lightly.  None of this is done in fear.  The reality is that I am in a high-risk category (high blood pressure + senior citizen status).  I live by myself and it will be a burden when I pass away, regardless of how and when I do.  If I can lessen the hassle, I should be proactive and do it. 

I can say in all truthfulness that I have peace of mind.  I'm taking my future into my own hands. 

If you need one for your state--click here.


fredamans said...

Personally, I believe everyone should prepare for their exit instead of leaving it to loved ones after you're gone. That's a burden they just don't need to carry. It's a tough decision to make, but part of the cycle of life.

Lori said...

I have teacher friends doing the same thing. I have things in place already, Karl and I did that a couple of years ago. Have a nice Tuesday!


The Gal Herself said...

Good for you! I think this was very sensitive and smart of you.

In researching life insurance, I remember reading that in Greece, this is all handled far more matter-of-factly than we do here. That preparing for what comes next is a rite of passage, like getting a driver's license. I've adopted that attitude.

But there are things in place that I need to change. Now that my niece is an adult, I want her to be my health care proxy/power of attorney/beneficiary on everything. I need to, as you wisely did, "check and double check" with her, though, and I can't right now. She's too preoccupied and emotional about her wedding plans.