three on thursday

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Thing one:  I had my haircut today.  I have missed my stylist--we've been together since 1991! 

Thing two:  I stopped by the school building today to take care of some final paperwork--which included awarding the Daughters of the Revolution scholarship!  I've never actually been the person to make an award like that, so it was special.  The recipient is deserving and was very humble.

Thing three:  Dad is feeling much, much better--stronger every day.  And he's off the antibiotics and hopefully, the nasty side-effects will clear up in a day or so.  What a relief.  I want to go over to visit every day!  I'm trying to minimize our contact, though.

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The Gal Herself said...

I love this post!

A hair cut is good for the soul.

What an honor for both you and your student.

And I'm happy about Dad. Father's Day is coming up, and you two deserve a happy celebration.