this week needs to end

This week has truly worn me down. With Dad hospitalized for double pneumonia and sepsis (yikes!) and not being able to visit him for a few days and not getting much information, it was awful.  Plus I'll just call it a case of sibling dynamics when my sister went off on me for issues outside of my control.  My uncle passed away after a short stay at the hospice center and the services are tomorrow but there was some confusion about the arrangements.  No hugging.  And grades closed this week to prepare for graduation on Sunday.  I'm meeting a few other teachers to hold signs off campus because only 50 people can be there even though it's the opposite side of the campus but whatever.  I'm waffling between going or watching it online--I won't see the kids actually get their diplomas if I'm there holding a sign.  When I went to OT this week, my therapist was pleased that I've maintained from my measurements from last month but there has been no progress with my lymphedema, so I have to go back to a treatment regimen.  Bandages, I fear.  One of my students emailed me this week to find out how he can raise his grade to pass for the year.  I explained that all the assignments are posted on the classroom page.  This student has done nothing all year so I'm not sure what miracle he thinks is going to happen so he can pass.  He can try.  But I'm done bending over backward to assist his efforts.  This may sound harsh but I have offered numerous opportunities ALL YEAR for him to remediate.  Waiting until the last week of school is... well, let's just say that I'm not receptive to it on top of everything else this week.  Thursday I met with my principal to thank him for being the best administrator I've worked with and to wish him well as he moves to a different position in the district and will no longer be my principal.  We had a thoughtful conversation and it meant a lot to me to get the closure.  Let's add national chaos and the President's visit to my state.  Holy shit this week has been heavy. 

Please don't come at me.


The Gal Herself said...

Oh, Kwiz! I am so sorry all this is happening to you, and all at once. Please know I'm here with you in spirit.

fredamans said...

When it rains, it pours.