ten things tuesday


Ten things about today:

1) schools out

2)  I'm back in bandages.  Hopefully, not for long.

3) I have a mani/pedi appointment next Thursday.

4) I have a hair appointment this Thursday.

5) Dad is much better.  Still weak but so happy to be home.

6)  I forgot how tedious it is to set up new technology--updating all the operating systems, etc.  But I do love my new laptop!  Nothing too flashy, but it's fast!

7) Speaking of new technology, I'm still trying to decide about upgrading my phone.  Should I?  There's nothing wrong with my current phone.  I keep getting alluring, tempting upgrade offers, though.

8) There's a different bird outside my window--a new song!  I hope my regular bird is still around, I haven't noticed it for a couple of days.

9)  A very dear family friend is turning 100 on the 15th.  I mailed her a birthday card and thanked her for being a teacher, mentor, and inspiration to me.  She's starting to fail--a touch of dementia--and sleeps more, I hope she'll remember me.

10) It's funny/odd that I've been working from home since March with loosely structured days.  Since school officially ended for me at 11:30, I have a sense of lightness, freedom, and excitement.  I don't know what I'm excited for--nothing's going to change, except I won't worry about grades as much.

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fredamans said...

Glad to hear your Dad is on the mend! Sorry to see bandages though! Hope you feel better soon! Happy birthday to your family frined, that's amazing!!!