ten things tuesday

Ten “F” things.

1. Someone I love: family & friends

2. Something I like to eat: fruit

3. A color:  fuchsia 

4. A good movie:  Footloose (the original)

5. A place I’ve been:  Freeport, ME, and France--which I loved!

6. A thing I really don’t like: falling

7. A critter I like: fox

8. Something I can do: feign interest (this is an important skill when dealing with teenagers who have hobbies that I know nothing about)

9. Something I can’t/don’t do: fractions--unless it's percent off sale prices 😁

10. Something I wish for: 
financial freedom

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

I need to work on the interest feigning thing. Especially now, in the age of Zoom. I sit through *a lot* of meetings and conversations I really don't care about, and I must be more careful that my demeanor doesn't give me away.