ten things tuesday

Ten things on my Amazon wishlist:

1)  RBG Funko figure.  She deserves a place of honor in my classroom.  She's feisty and fierce!

2)  A collapsable shovel for my trunk.  Winter in Maine, ya know?

3)  Korean face masks. My face needs some TLC.

4)  Tire Pressure Gauge. It looks easy enough to use.

5)  A Rock Painting kit.  It's a gift idea for my great-nephews' summer birthdays.

6)  Blank Jigsaw Puzzle pieces.  I thought it would be a creative project for my students.

7)  The Executioner.  A hand-held bug zapper that I want to get for Dad.

9)  Dw Home Sandalwood & Myrrh candle.  This. Is. Amazing!

10) A sleep mask.  I need a new one.

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

RBG, YES! And maybe I should invest in those microfiber cloths. I've been wearing my glasses exclusively since Covid and I cannot keep them clean.