saturday 9

1) This song is about the fantasy of being one of the "beautiful people," but how hollow the reality can be. Do you often find yourself envying others for what they have? no, I don't

2) Ed Sheeran sings that he and his girl don't fit in well because they're "just ourselves." Who among your close friends do you find it easiest to be "just yourself?" my bestie and my Breakfast Club

3) The lyrics refer to Hummers and Lamborghinis. What's your dream ride? well--a jaguar for fancy cars or a brown VW Beetle for regular cars (and it has to be brown)

4) Ed believes in giving back. One cause he supports is No Cold Homes, which helps ensure that everyone in the English city of Bristol has the fuel needed to keep their homes safe and comfortable. Here in the United States, he's raised funds for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Is there a cause that's near and dear to your heart? I frequently knit for my local homeless shelter and baby hats for preemies

5) Ed's arms are covered in tattoos, so clearly he doesn't suffer from trypanophobia, or a fear of needles. How about you? Do you look away when the doctor gives you a shot? I an also not suffering from trypanophobia--I love watching when I get shots or have blood drawn

6) One of Ed's tattoos is a bottle of Heinz Ketchup. What condiments would we find if we peeked into your refrigerator this morning? a couple of salad dressings, mayo, and sweet and sour sauce

7) Ed is a natural redhead, a trait he shares with only 2% of the population. Does red hair run in your family? my dad was a redhead and my three sisters and I are all redheads --we are the lucky ones!!!

8)  In 2019, when this song was released, the FDA recommended the approval of a drug for treating peanut allergies in children. Do you suffer from any food allergies, or sensitivities? not really

9) Random question: What of these do you think is the biggest contributing factor to success -- hard work, luck or talent? well, I think it's a combination of the three but I think talent is the core


The Gal Herself said...

#7 was a fastball lobbed right over the plate, just for you!

#9 -- I wish I believed as you do. But looking over my own career and everything I've seen, I'm afraid I don't. I think I might add another factor: chemistry. Some people work really hard, and are very good at what they do, but they just don't have a gift for getting along with their bosses or clients.

Diana_CT said...

A friend had an antique Jaguar...sadly she passed away last month from COVID-19

Lori said...

I will have blood drawn this week. I see my doctor for my regular check up. It is not that bad. Loved your answers! Have a great weekend.


songbird's crazy world said...

Many years ago my boss had a Jag, and I’d get to ride in it when we went out on business calls. Great car.

CountryDew said...

I think using your knitting skills like that is excellent. I wish I liked to knit. I tried it but it just isn't for me.