three on thursday

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Thing one: Since I stopped watching the news (local & national) I feel less agitated and annoyed. I still don't understand the protests going on at the state capitol, and why they need guns. But that's there and I'm here.

Thing two: I really really really really really miss my Breakfast Club. These are the friends that I can be my most vulnerable with and get the best support from. As I get, I give.

Thing three: I have slept 12 hours in the three days. I can't get my sleep schedule to regulate. I place the majority of the blame on menopause.

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The Gal Herself said...

Thing one: "That's there and I'm here." That's a comforting feeling, isn't it? There's an attitude chasm between the live-free-or-die, fight-the-tyranny, blame-Obama's-deep-state crowd and my community, and I'm glad I'm here.

Thing two: "As I get, I give." What a lovely sentiment.

Thing Three: Oh, Honey, menopause! I figured out why they don't tell us as much about menopause as they do menstruation -- If we knew what was coming, we'd all hang ourselves at 45.

Why is suddenly the smallest sip of wine accompanied by a killer migraine? "Women experience that in menopause." Why did my gums suddenly recede? "Women experience that in menopause." What's with the rash of zits on my chin? "Women experience that in menopause." Why do I wake up, suddenly but still exhausted, after five hours sleep? "Women experience that in menopause." Of course, I'm lucky in that I don't have heat flashes, night sweats or dry skin. But women experience all that in menopause, too.