three on thursday

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Thing one: All of the postcards to my students have been sent. I realized I need to order some return address labels with my school info on them. Or I need to make some, whatever...

Thing two: It's been great to continue connecting with my library book group for the past two months--we've gone virtual! Last night's gathering was our biggest one yet and EVERYONE took part and added insights. The comfort level is rising!

Thing three: I am hoping all my hope that we will not get the predicted snow this weekend. NO MORE SNOW.

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The Gal Herself said...

This morning my fave weatherman predicted snow/frost overnight. I refused to pay attention! I don't know why it upsets me so, since I can't go anywhere anyway, but it does.

My movie group is having a virtual meet up Tuesday. I really do not like the movie we're discussing (in fact, I find it unwatchable). But I may join in anyway. I know it's important to our moderator to have a big turnout. He loves these movies and works so hard on organizing, I want to support him.