ten things tuesday

Ten things that begin with the letter E:

1. My word for the year is Evolve. I've been pushing myself all year to make gradual changes.

2. Email is my preferred communication.

3. Europe is my favorite vacation destination.

4. E-books are my way to read now; it feels weird to read physical books now.

5. Escapism TV is what I've been watching lately.

6. Education. My passion. But I don't like e-learning.

7. Earbuds are the bane of my existence. I need earphones.

8. I have been craving egg rolls lately.

9. I spent about an hour online without my eyeglasses and it gave me a slight headache.

10. During this time of the pandemic, I'm focusing on eating at home. I've even cooked.

1 comment:

The Gal Herself said...

I want Chinese food something fierce these days! I was thinking of egg rolls and maybe shrimp pad thai (though there's nary an "e" in shrimp pad thai). My favorite tiny Chinese restaurant promises to reopen for carry out on the 15th. Fingers crossed.