saturday 9

1) The lyrics tell us Paul believes it's going to rain. How's the weather where you are today? a break from the heat--rain and upper 70s

2) Paul sings that he is sorry because he hasn't "done a bloody thing all day." What do you hope to accomplish this weekend? I don't have anything, other than a safe social-distance visit with my Breakfast Club friends!

3) He also references butter pie, which is made primarily with potatoes (with onions and, of course, butter). That dish is not popular on this side of the Atlantic. Last time you had potatoes, how were they prepared (baked, mashed, hash browned, french fried ...)? mashed potatoes

4) Linda McCartney is credited as co-writer and performer on this recording. Paul and Linda were partners in real life, too; married 29 years, they raised four children together. They often said they tried never to spend more than a few hours apart. Do you enjoy a lot of togetherness, or do you value your personal time? Has your experience with Covid19 and quarantine changed how you feel about this? I value my personal time very much--but I miss the freedom to come and go as I want to

 5) Paul and Linda came from very different backgrounds. His family was lower middle class, lived in Liverpool's public housing and received government aid. She grew up in affluent Scarsdale, the daughter of a wealthy theatrical attorney. Do you think it's more important for a couple to share a common background, or to share common interests? I think common points of reference are  important

6) Paul is known for his work ethic. At age 78, he's still making music and performing live. What's your favorite Paul McCartney song? today I'm choosing In My Life

7) In 1971, when this song was a hit, Bobby Fischer was the world's most famous and highest-rated chess player. Do you play chess? I do not play chess although I think I would enjoy it

8) England's Princess Anne turned 21 in 1971. The occasion was commemorated by a formal portrait, taken by celebrated fashion photographer Norman Parkinson. Who took the most recent photo of you? a selfie, if that counts

9) Random question: Do you find it more satisfying to work with your hands, or your head? well, it depends--professionally my head but in leisure time, my hands


The Gal Herself said...

Psst! Paul had virtually nothing to do with "In My Life." He helped with the opening chords in the studio, but that's it. The credit is Lennon-McCartney because that was just the way they did it in those days. It never occurred to them that they'd break up (and so acrimoniously) or that the songs would live on as they have. Anyway, John wrote those words when he was only 24. How could he be so wise about life at only 24?

Sorry to go all Beatle nerd on you. I've been reading everyone's responses and have resisted yelling, "No! That was John!" several times. But I figured you'd appreciate the backstory.

Lori said...

Enjoy your breakfast with friends! I am going to spend some time outside in my yard reading. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


JLS Hall said...

I always think I'd enjoy playing chess too, but for some reason I've never been able to stick with a game long enough to figure it out. I guess my brain wiring is wrong or something. But I'm great at checkers!

Happy Saturday! Hope you have a good weekend.
~ Joy @joysweb

Bev Sykes said...

Thanks for your note the other day. It looks like they aren't replacing one format with another and that the original format is still a "go." I hope. (I had upgrades!)

Bev Sykes said...

"hate" not "had" Sorry.

songbird's crazy world said...

I love that song. Lennon-McCartney was an interesting partnership, wasn't it?

CountryDew said...

You pegged the problem: the freedom to simply go out and run to the store. Now it's an ordeal I must contemplate and decide if it's worth the risk.