ten things tuesday

Ten things:

1) I've been enjoying John Krasinski's Some Good News videos.

2) I've been waking up to birdsong. It makes me so happy to hear birds sing and chatter in the morning.

3) I'm starting to plan backward for school. Starting with the end and figuring out how to get there from where I am with my students. Some classes are easier to plan than others, that's for sure!

4) Helping my parents brings me joy.

5) Since I can't fill my time with busyness, I'm figuring out how to be.

6) I miss my students. I sent a survey asking if they would want to have a video chat and I'm pleased that more than half do.

7) This week I'm going to write letters. Old school, handwritten letters. I would like to send three.

8) My OT and I had another virtual session yesterday. We decided I'm doing so well with my pneumatic pump and garments that I don't need twice-weekly sessions and we're going to move to monthly check-ins. So now it's developing my lymphie lifestyle.

9) I wanted to support an indie bookstore so I bought a journal. I'm going to start a GLAD journal. A spin-off of a joy journal (which records moments of joy) this time it's G-one thing I am grateful for, L-one thing I learned, A-one thing I achieved, and D-one thing that delighted me. Short focused entries for mindfulness.


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The Gal Herself said...

"Figuring out how to be." Now that is a big deal!

I, too, like doing things old school these days. Phone calls with my friends, handwritten card and letters. I miss my old typewriter. I don't have a printer, and I'd love to be able to slap some keys old school and send off a letter.