ten things tuesday

Ten random things in random order:
1) There's a "debate" raging about getting dressed in these COVID-19 days. Do we bother to get dressed? Do we wear pajamas or lounge clothes all day? Is it time for athleisure? And I'm over here doing my thing--I like how I feel when I'm dressed nicely. So, I'm dressing nicely. Plus, now that I am wearing my lymphie garment (compression pantyhose) I'm finding it more comfortable to wear dresses and thankfully, I have a ton of casual dresses. Although, today I'm wearing what I have dubbed my "happy pants."

2) Vacation has been luxurious. It's nice to not have to constantly think about email, virtual meetings, and creating engaging distance learning opportunities.

3) I do miss going on whirlwind day trips, though.


5) I've been productive on some around-the-house projects, picking away a little at a time.

6) I ordered some new dishes--appetizer plates for sandwiches and dessert bowls for fruit or ice cream. They're funky and pretty and make me happy. Since I'm eating at home so much more, it's nice to have some dishes I enjoy.

7) Maggie's unexpected death has created quite a void for my parents. She was such a spoiled baby. The timing was crummy with all the at-home time.

8) I've been especially missing my Breakfast Club. We've consistently gotten together for over 12 years. They are my soul-friends.


10) I'm going to take my book outside to enjoy some sunshine.


Stacy said...

I am not getting a tat of an angry bunny with a laser gun. LOL

The Gal Herself said...

I am jealous of your ability to read and get stuff done. Every day slides into the next, and I don't feel I've accomplished a thing. (Though I find my acceptance of the situation has increased, and that counts for something.)

I love that you're wearing dresses! I really should put my winter clothes away (except for those wear-in-case-of-unseasonable snow pieces) and take inventory of what I need for spring. You've inspired me!