ten things tuesday

Ten random things in random order:

1) I was able to renew an online book from the online book library. I didn't know that was possible!

2) Speaking of books, I spent the afternoon driving around the small towns delivering sanitized book group books to book group members, since the library is closed. I delivered 7. I love my book group!

3) I haven't driven since last Thursday. It was nice to be out.

4) Why are people wearing masks in their cars? Especially if they're alone?

5) I attended a virtual faculty meeting today. It was nice to see my teacher friends.

6) I truly think our principal is doing a fantastic job of leading us through this. He places great emphasis on self-care and promotes our own health and safety.

7) I haven't been knitting. I don't know if it's the pattern or the ennui of the times.

8) I have exchanged long, chatty emails with a couple of my school friends as well as my parents.

9) Tomorrow is Dad & Barb's 25th wedding anniversary. I'm disappointed that we can't get together to celebrate. However, when this is all over we'll have a big party.

10) My new puffy pillow arrived today!


The Gal Herself said...

Congratulations to Dad and Barb!

I think it's terrific that your book group is still united at this time. My movie group is meeting tomorrow by Zoom. We'll see how that works.

Stacy said...

Awesome about your book club! I don't think I've been out further than the yard since last Wednesday. I was wondering about the masks...should I just put it on when I leave home or before I get out of the car? I was leaning toward when I get out of the car so thanks for being the deciding factor. lol