I am...

Reading: I'm Fine and Neither Are You

Listening to: the nighttime silence

Loving: since sheltering in place, I haven't been able to knit--until this past weekend! This is the longest I've gone without knitting since I began in 2012, and although it was too hard to knit for a while, it feels good to be back at it!

Thinking: erratic sleep is I'm sure a side effect of the pandemic, it's 2 am and I have been up for about an hour, maybe I'll be able to sleep soon

Feeling: off-kilter

Celebrating: vacation

Grateful for: technology to help me maintain contact with my favorite people

Weather: currently 40 degrees with a "real feel" of 37


A quote I want to share:


Stacy said...

I think messed up sleep is definitely a byproduct of the isolation. The hubs is sleeping too much and I can't seem to sleep well at night at all. Leaves me feeling tired and lazy all day.

The Gal Herself said...

I cannot read. I can write. I can sure as shit watch -- I've binged a lot. But I can't read. I've tried three different books and nada. So I understand you with your knitting, and hope I follow your path back.