ten things tuesday

Ten things about today:

Two things that I am grateful for today:
1) I am grateful I could help my parents out--by locating some toilet paper. I'll look back on this and laugh (well, I'm kind of laughing now) because it's so far-fetched that there's a national toilet paper shortage due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
2) I do not have morning duty.

Two things that made today great:
3) I got to visit with a couple of students--it was nice after being isolated all morning!
4) I also was able to touch base with a few students who are apprehensive of this chaos and helped them talk through their anxieties.

Two things I did well today:
5) Created my daily lesson plans/syllabi for my students so they can clearly see what is expected of them.
6) Assisted with some technology setups for my colleagues.

Two things that I could have done better today:
7) I could have cleaned off my desk and sorted through papers.
8) I could have checked to see if the All Staff option in my email was for the high school or the district before I sent the email.

Two things I will do to make the rest of the day great:
9) Take a nap.
10) Read.

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The Gal Herself said...

I love this! Your positivity is inspiring. I'm scared and unsettled, but you're all about the gratitude. Brava, Ms. Kwiz.