march 29

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Describe a happy memory. What did you feel, smell, hear, and see?

The best memory was being at the top of Eiffel Tower at dusk and the city lighting up in before us (I was with my dad). The lights in different neighborhoods came on and it was like ripples of lights. I had that sensation of height. I don't remember it smelling of anything particular. Because we happened to be the only people there at the time, it was quiet with some French music playing in the background. One of the most romantic sights I've ever experienced--it was kind of a bummer to be there with my dad and not a romantic partner (we did have a good laugh about that).

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fredamans said...

Reading this vignette today is bittersweet for me. Today would have been my dad's birthday. I'm sure he's celebrating with Elvis in heaven.
What a beautiful memory. Even if it was romantic, at least it's one shared with your dad.