I miss my students. I miss my colleagues. (Even the really noisy guy across the hall.) I miss my routine. Moving to online, distance learning is a complete change in how I usually structure my classes. I mean, if I was a traditional "read from the text, answer these questions" type of teacher or a lecturer, this would be a breeze. But I'm not. So I'm spending a LOT of time figuring out how to change my teaching style along with how to change the medium of teaching. And it's going to be like this until April 27th at the earliest. So, I need to hunker down and make the adjustments. Figure out a new routine and a new normal. And remind myself and my students that we're doing the best we can.


Lauren Stoolfire said...

Sounds good. I hope you like it!

Lauren @ Always Me

The Gal Herself said...

April 27! That seems so far away!

I love your attitude, though. You're working hard at being flexible, and I'm sure your kids feel it and will respond.